Unique Height Indexable Safety Feature

Our fully height adjustable range of portable freestanding ballet barre and dance bar range has the Unique Height indexable Safety feature allowing 6 height settings which prevents barre slip down/product failure as can happen to other metal rail and wood systems available.

Please note - the height Indexable feature does not have to be used, it is just an added feature of our equipment, you can adjust the height to whatever you like between 77cm and 109cm for our single rail system

What Its About:

All supporting legs incorporate our Unique Indexable Height Facility. This is a safety feature that allows for quicker set up times in between classes, routines, exercises and for storage, but more importantly adds to the barres stability and stops the bar / barre rail slipping down during use, ensuring the young (4 yrs) and older of us can use the equipment Safely.

Our Indexable facility will not wear out after a few times adjusting or cause injured fingers, such as other types of camping tent type of height indexable barres systems available.

Our Indexable facility secures and locates through both the T leg and upright stand and also the height adjusting upright ensuring safe, efficient and accurate changes in height.

Other Safety Features

Other added safety features on our ballet and dance barres are the extended thread locations on all locking screws, this allows for a more secure locking of all components, aids in the stability and lengthens the life of the equipment as does the added advantage of the Pine rails strengthening rail.

Our barre systems also have the added advantage of none slip height adjustable rubber feet which stop them from shuffling along and potentially scratching/damaging your floor. This also holds the barre firmly on carpet if you are using them at home.