2018 - Update - Our Unique height indexable range of studio equipment is used by private individuals, dance schools and colleges for Arts and Technology throughout the UK and Channel Isles, America and Europe.

Both our metal and wood barres are manufactured to the highest possible standards and have been tested and are used by members of associations including UTD, RAD, ITDA, BDTA, ISTD and also fitness instructors.

Differing barre rail lengths and materials to accommodate all extremes - 1.0, 1.5 and 1.8 metre long rails in both strengthed Pine rails and polymer coat

Products and Features

Our fully height adjustable range of portable freestanding ballet barre and dance bar range has the Unique Height Indexable Safety feature which prevents barre slip down/product failure. More Details on the Unique Height Indexable Safety feature.

None slip height adjustable rubber feet (stops barre from shuffling/slipping along the floor during use and also allows for adjustment if your floor is uneven), also holds barre firm on carpet.

Pine Rails

As of 2018 all Wooden rails have the added advantage of strengthening bar added to them before they are hand finished, treated and sealed to ensure the barre rail retains its natural warm feel and also prevents the chance of warping or fracture. metal bar rails are smooth polymer coated which helps gives it a warm to the touch feel.

Smooth Coated Mild Steel Rails

Our steel rails are no heavier than pine and can cope with the hardest of work outs, but still fit perfectly into your studio, gym and the home. All components are coated with best quality, smooth polymer coated finishes and are designed to last for years.

Fixed Wall Barres

As seen on ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover. All fixed barres arrive to you ready to be installed with the minimum amount of effort and include all instructions. Our wall barres are suitable for commercial and also home use. More information and assembly instructions.


T frames (supporting legs) weigh 4.8 kgs each with barre rails weighing as little as 2.4 kgs (both pine and steel).

The image shows the extension legs which give different option for set-ups.

Joining sets & Extensions

Extension sets are used to join sets together as shown in the pictures to the right. These are available to purchase separately.

Sets are available as: Single and single extension and 2 single extensions. Available in both pine and mild steel except the double rail and double extension which is available in pine only.

The Extension sets Indexable facility is through both axis allowing full rotation within stands, by simply removing from T stands and rotating through 90 degrees and replacing back into T frame. This will allow other options for your barre set up.

Double Rail and Double Extension

Single Rail and Single Extension

2 Single Extensions